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Címlap About AMISZ


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Hungarian Youth Organization from Arad (OTMA-AMISZ) was established on April 22, 1992, on the initiative of some young people who want to involved directly in the Hungarian community life, and the entire civil society. Is a member of Conference youth Hungarians in Romania (MIÉRT) from its establishment.

The main annual programs organized by us are:

- Casoaia Festival
- Hungarian youth meeting from Arad
- Contest of General knowledge "Roots"
- Conference "The Future in our hands!"

In addition, we organize various campaigns to inform young people, sports programs, conferences, meetings, volunteering, environmental, entertainment, pop music concerts and various shows.

Hungarian Youth Organization from Arad is a ONG by youth, which have the following purposes:

- Protection in general and permanent of individual and collective rights of Hungarian youth from Romania, especially those from Arad
- Attracting young people from Arad to build civil society
- Creating teams who are open organized, bottom and support their operation
The main objectives are:

- Promoting youth in all spheres of economic and social life
- Promoting democratic principles
- Knowledge and respect legal rights and obligations by youth people's and supporting them in dealing with local authorities
- informing young people about different opportunities in the field of educational, cultural, social
- Community support to preserve language, culture, traditions
- Promoting ecologist principles

Hungarian Youth Organization  from Arad is ready to respond to requests, demands from our members, but also in general respond to the youth on their field of interest in a perpetual dynamic.

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